Searching Data

Find appraisal, mineral, subdivision plat, well location, well permit and pipeline data graphically or through queries for insights on ownership and more.  The specialists at Imersion connect the data in one place so you don’t have to. 


Moving Forward

Get to where you need to faster with IMGIS data aggregation.  Every local data set comes from different sources.  Save time and hassle by searching one place for relevant parcel ownership and its related data. 



Use the relationships and expertise IMGIS has gathered since in the title, real estate, tax and energy sectors.  IMGIS provides solutions to many top industry partners via API interfaces and private label branding.  Become an alliance partner or consumer where together we can advance opportunities to streamline your processes.


Geographic Coverage

Texas was the baseline for data aggregation and supporting services back in 1999.  Coverage has expanded to multiple states in the central USA based on large metropolitan data and energy coverage.  Visit the coverage link to stay informed of the latest data sets and local coverage additions.